Manufacturers of coloured tissue paper, white tissue paper for printing and specialist tissue paper

Le Bourray supplies parent reels of white and coloured tissue paper for producers and printers of paper goods for table and hygiene use.
We provide a bespoke service, tailoring our production to customer requirements.

Nos différentes ouates :

Kaleido colours come up trumps, day in, day out
Tissue paper for printing: Print and EasyPrint
Specialist cellulose wadding for specific uses
Ouate de spécialité

Choose from among 250 shades in our Kaleido® range of tissue paper

At Le Bourray we are renowned for our coloured tissue paper and our in-house laboratory keeps step with trends by concocting new tints. Stand out from the crowd with a colour made just for you, or, on the contrary, be a follower of fashion. Our Kaleido® range has shades for all tastes and circumstances. Ask our sales department for guidance.
With 250 colours to choose from, our Kaleido range offers a multitude of possibilities, which is why our parent reels are popular with converters all over the world.
With a minimum order of just 4 tonnes, Kaleido combines flexibility and short lead times.

Easyprint makes light work of intricate designs

Our Print and Easyprint ranges are the ideal base for intricate paper napkin designs and customised digital printing.

Browse our range of specialist tissue paper for medical use

Designed for hygiene or medical purposes, our specialist tissue paper is used to make nappies, medical drape sheets, dental bibs, protective masks, sanitary towels, filters and more.

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