Kaleido colours come up trumps, day in, day out

We have been making our Kaleido branded coloured tissue for over 100 years.

Our colour palette is especially designed for table napkins.

With a spectrum of 250 colours for tissue to be made into paper napkins, place mats and tablecloths, our Kaleido range offers converters the wide choice they need. We regularly add new hues to the mix.
The addition of an in-house laboratory at Le Bourray made the Kaleido range possible.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to inspiration for colours and we can produce endless tints with our laboratory’s colour-matching capabilities.

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Over 250 colours of tissue for paper tableware manufacturers

Manufacturers of paper napkins, place mats and tablecloths: our colour-matching service is as boundless as your imagination. Customers can provide a decorative element such as a candle and we can produce parent reels of the exact same hue thanks to our in-house laboratory.

The multi-ply Kaleido range improves your output

Le Bourray’s colour-matching service can create specialist colours. Our Kaleido range also comes in multi-ply, for increased output with a premium quality result.
With a minimum order of just 4 tonnes and a short production cycle, we supply coloured tissue parent reels to converters all over the world.

Why call a range of coloured tissue Kaleido ?

The name comes from a kaleidoscope, an optical instrument containing pieces of coloured reflective material that make an endless variety of patterns, invented by Scottish scientist and author Sir David Brewster. Patented in 1818, the invention was a great success and inspired many artists. The fascination for the device stemmed from the ever-changing view obtained in a closed space with a few materials. In other words, with a fixed number of elements, a kaleidoscope offers endless possibilities. When Le Bourray opened an in-house laboratory and launched a new range of coloured tissue, it was only natural to name it Kaleido, after an instrument whose name evokes a myriad of colours.

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